Quality and precision

As your partner we support you with our sophisticated technology and outstanding high knowledge. This is also reflected in the choice of our suppliers – we work with the best partners!​
Highest precision, absolute repeated accuracy, very good lifetimes – decide on us!​

CAD design

With our modern CAD software, we develop and design our tools and optimise them with 3D simulation directly on the CNC machine: By this control, we avoid errors, limit risks and therefore reduce the cost in production.

Upon request, you will receive our tool drawing for your documentation.

Rational production and maximum production reliability

According to the CAD drawing, your tools will be produced in air-conditioned rooms with the most modern CNC technique.

Our tool sectors are:

In order to perfectly ensure our quality, we keep our machinery always state-of-the-art: In this way, we provide you with efficient production processes as well as short production times.


We can only guarantee a high-quality result, if the cutting edges of the tools are always optimally sharp.

If you re-sharpen your tools in regular intervals, you will achieve longer lifetimes and as a result reduce your costs. In addition, you save the continuous investments in new tools and ensure a high machining and product quality of your workpieces with high reliability.

We certainly provide a regrinding service for the tools manufactured by us. Therefore, our identification number system guarantees you that you will subsequently receive a reconditioned tool with the exact dimensions. Our service offers you tools with the seal of quality “as good as new” regarding cutting values, lifetime and performance – this is guaranteed by our long-term experience.


The requirements for today’s tools continuously increase. Our application-specific coatings open up completely new performance areas here.
We are in continuous contact with our partners, who are entrusted to perform the coating service for us. We will work out the optimum and most cost-efficient solution for your application together.

Laser marking

Each tool is marked with our identification number, the so-called P-number, and additionally according to your requirements. It is hereby ensured that your tools will maintain the same dimensions and geometries even after many years. Moreover, the marking allows you an immediate allocation to your corresponding order.

The QUALITY from Prinzbach

You can rely on continuous quality control of the tools by our experts – not only after completion of production.